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Masonic Order of Athelstan

Masonic Order of Athelstan

Brief History

In November 2007, The Court of St Eanswythe No 26 was consecrated in Melbourne and two Courts were consecrated at Willoughby (Sydney) named the Court of Sydney No. 28 and the Court of St. David No. 29, the latter now meeting at Concord West. Also in November 2007; Courts were consecrated in Perth and Brisbane with a Court in Adelaide following in July 2010.

In the early days there were two distinct Provinces named Australia North and Australia South which were eventually combined to form a single Province after the consecration of the Court of Coenwald No. 61 at Bendigo (Victoria) on the 7th November 2009, that being named the Province of Australia. At the time of writing there are a total of nine Courts in Australia – one each in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, two in Sydney and four in Victoria.

The Masonic Order of Athelstan formed in 2005, the first Court of the Order was consecrated on the 22nd October, 2005 in Newmarket, East Anglia, grew out of the shared interests that a number of like-minded individuals had in the origins of Masonry.
Their research culminated in a few members of that group focusing specifically on the Saxon Chronicles.

In essence, their informal meetings became more and more regular and the rich and invigorating debates offered each member considerable encouragement and

support to continue with their personal endeavours. As the group progressed its subsequent interface with other like-minded Masons encouraged them to progress the idea of a new Order even to the writing of a ritual to support it.

This ritual was based on the research of many old historic documents and the discovery of old Craft and other Masonic ritual. Eventually a draft of the ritual was produced based upon the life and symbolism of King Athelstan, the grandson of King Alfred, and the first King of England to be referred to as “The King of All the English”.

The first Court of the Order was consecrated on the 22nd October, 2005 in Newmarket, East Anglia. The Order is now widespread with 10 Provinces within England and Wales and overseas in India, Australia, the United States, Spain and Romania and is the fastest growing Order in Freemasonry with a combined membership reaching close to 3000 members.

The Masonic Order of Athelstan portrays the story of a Master Mason called to York in 926 to receive the Ancient Charges. It goes on through a series of ritual to explain a lot of the Symbolism we still see in some Lodges today and culminates with an Historical oration taking us through the development of the various Grand Lodges, the appointment of Sir Thomas Gresham in 1567 as the first Speculative Grand Master and ends at 1813 with the formation of the UGLE.

The main difference being that the Masonic references represent the earliest recorded references to Masonry in Britain. In this Order we aim to bring to life the 926 Court that was held in York to educate and raise the quality of Masonry in 10th Century England and in so doing to explore the development of the Craft over the centuries in order to prompt further study and research.

As such our meetings are held in a Court and our candidates are ‘Instructed’ into the Order. ‘The Inner Workings of an Eminent Prior’, deals with the earliest passing of the veils ceremony and the Kabbalistic explanation of the four banners of the Royal Arch, ‘The Inner Workings of a Worshipful Master or Grand Master of Speculative Masons’ based on the betrayal of Athelstan by Edwin.

The appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle is strictly a reward-based degree for those Knights who have given meritorious service both to the Order and their Court. It is a Knighting ceremony and is commemorative of the Knighting of Athelstan by Alfred the Great in and around the year 898 (the first recorded making of a Knight in England). Members bear the initials of the Scarlet Mantle (KSM), Knight Commander of the Scarlet Mantle (KCSM) or Grand Cross of the Scarlet Mantle (GCSM).

Structure and Qualification

To be a member of this Order although invitational you must be a subscribing Master Mason and Royal Arch Mason and to acquire the chair as WM of the Court you must be a Past Master of the Craft.

You must also continue membership in both Orders

Grand Secretary: MWBro Arthur Macken, PGM

Meetings and Fees

Courts meet in Australia three times per year and the cost of regalia is incorporated into your joining fee of around $150.00.

Annual Dues are per calendar year of around $50.00 depending on the Court. More information on the Order of Athelstan can be found at:- 

26 The Court of St. Eanswythe

Meeting: 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm (meets February, May, August) at Preston
Rehearsal: Day of meeting
Installation: August

52 The Court of St. Swithun

Meeting: 3rd Monday at 7:30pm (meets January, April, October) at Pakenham
Rehearsal: Day of meeting
Installation: 3rd Monday at 7:00pm in January

87 The Court of The Venerable Bede

Meeting: 3rd Friday at 7:00pm (meets March, May, September) at Ardeer
Rehearsal: Day of meeting
Installation: September