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About Ark Mariners

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The Royal Ark Mariner degree is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, rite in Masonry. As its name suggests, it is based on the legend of Noah and the Great deluge, an event of such importance as to have impressed itself on the religious dogmas and rites of all the nations which have succeeded it. We find allusions to it in the annals of every people, and some memorial of it in their religious observances. These have served to maintain a veneration for the second parent of the human race, and a great reverence for his historical vessel.

Ark Mariners

The Ceremony of Elevation into the Antient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners is a truly initiatory rite. As in the Craft it is based on the triumvirate of wisdom, strength and beauty, but in this instance, refers particularly to the wisdom of Noah in constructing the Ark, his strength of character and the beauty of his workmanship. But there are other significant messages, and even for the experienced Mason, a powerful reminder of our reliance on a spiritual as well as material enlightenment.

The presiding officer in a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge is the Commander and the Ceremony of his Installation, or Enthronement, is widely considered to be one of the most impressive in all Masonry.

Currently there are 26 Royal Ark Mariner Lodges established within Victoria, of which 11 meet in the metropolitan area and 14 in country centres. A 26th lodge meets in Hobart, Tasmania. As in England, the Fraternity is administered by the Mark Degree, and the office of Grand Commander is filled by the incumbent Grand Master of Mark Master Masons of Victoria, who presides over the Royal Ark Council and is assisted at Enthronement Ceremonies by a team of specially appointed Past Grand Mark officers, referred to as Enthronement Officers. As in the Mark Degree, all Enthronement Ceremonies are conducted each year by the Grand Commander or his appointed representative.

The rainbow ribbon which decorates the regalia of the degree provides a colourful spectacle to all its ceremonies. But despite its great age, it is essentially a thinking man’s degree, conducted in a friendly, intimate and rewarding atmosphere. Prior membership of the Mark degree is a mandatory requirement for elevation.


The Regalia of Royal Ark Mariner Masonry consists of Apron, Sash and Jewel as follows:

The Apron is white bordered with rainbow ribbon and and having two rosettes, it has a curved flap also bordered with ribbon and with a rosette in the centre. The Apron on a Commander is similar but with a wider rainbow ribbon and silver triangles instead of rosettes. When a Commander is a present or past Grand Mark Officer, the triangles are of gold or gilt colour.

The Sash is of rainbow ribbon with silver fringe, worn over the left shoulder and passing obliquely to the right side.

The Jewel is a segmented plate representing a rainbow, suspended from which is a Dove with an Olive Branch in its mouth, hanging from a rainbow ribbon with silver metal work. A Past Commander may also wear the letter N inside a triangle, pendant from a similar ribbon. When the Commander is a current or Past Grand Mark Officer the metal work should be gold or gilt in colour.

An Enthroned Commander wears in place of the Sash, a collar of rainbow ribbon with silver button and cord, and jewel of silver or white metal in the form of an Ark within a triangle. When a Past Commander is a Current or Past Grand Mark Officer, the button, cord and jewel should be gold or gilt in colour.

The Lodge provides collars for every officer which are of rainbow ribbon with silver button and cord and also Jewels of silver or White metal within a triangle. The Commander wears a Crimson Robe with a Yellow border. The Immediate Past Commander wears a Yellow Robe with a Black border. Japeth wears a Green Robe with a Red Border and Shem whereas a Blue Robe with a White Border. The Chaplain wears a Black Robe with Green Stole in place of the usual Officer’s Collar. Deacons and Guardian wear White Robes bordered with rainbow ribbon.


You must be a Master Mason and a subscribing member in good standing of a Craft Lodge in Freemasonry Victoria or of a Craft Lodge under a jurisdiction recognised by Freemasonry Victoria.

You must be a Mark Master Mason and a subscribing member in good standing of a Mark Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Victoria (UGLMMMV) or of a Mark Lodge under a jurisdiction recognised by the UGLMMMV.

You must agree to conform to the Regulations of the Fraternity.