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Directory of masonic orders that operate in Victoria, Australia.


Grand Council of Knight Masons (KM)

Province of Australia

Brief History and Origin

Knight Masonry comprises those Degrees which are worked in a Council of Knight Masons under the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Knight Masons.

The Grand Council of Knight Masons was formed in 1923 to maintain the Degrees which were previously worked by Irish Royal Arch Chapters, Preceptories of High Knight Templar’s and even a Prince Rose Croix Chapter.

Organisation and Structure

Lodges are termed Councils ruled by the Excellent Chief and with a similar group of officers as craft masonry, with the exception that there is a Senior and Junior Knight from whom the next Excellent Chief is elected.

In Australia we have a Province consisting of 6 Councils (listed below) ruled by the Grand Superintendent and a Deputy.

They are assisted by the Provincial Grand Scribe and a Provincial Grand Treasurer. The Councils are as follows:

      • Samuel R.A. Hogg Council No. 39 – Melbourne, Victoria;
      • Nebuchadnezzar Council No. 85 – Launceston Tasmania;
      • Esdras Council No. 90 – Williamstown, Victoria;
      • Duke of Leinster Council No. 93 – Adelaide, South Australia;
      • Ecbatana Council No. 94 – Ringwood, Victoria;
      • Leinster Marine Council No. 95 – Sydney, NSW;
      • Achmeta Council No. 55 – Brisbane, QLD;

Knight Masons Councils exist throughout Ireland, New Zealand, Ohio (USA), Hong Kong, South Africa, Gibraltar, India, Jamaica, Greece and Bermuda.


The History of the Judean People, as contained in the Roll of the Law, including the Books of Ezra, Jeremiah and Esdras, record three outstanding episodes, intimately connected with Irish Universal Masonry.

There are three Degrees in Knight Masonry, formerly known as the Red Cross degrees.

However, Knight Masons now know the Degrees as: Knight of the Sword – formerly the Red Cross of Daniel, or Babylonian Pass in which we learn of Zerubabbel’s visit to the Court of King Cyrus of Persia; Knight of the East – formerly the Jordan Pass, dealing with Zerubabbel’s later visit to the Court of King Darius.

Knight of the East and West – formerly the Royal Order and deals with Zerubabbel’s return to his fellow countrymen in Jerusalem.

Membership Requirements

Master Masons, having become Mark Master Masons and Royal Arch Masons, may, after one year, become Knight Masons and may request to join a Council.


The regalia consists of apron and sash similar to the craft except that the blue is exchanged for red with green rosettes.

Grand Council of Knight Masons

Grand Council of Knight Masons (KM)

Province of Australia

Masonic qualifications for membership: Craft Master Mason, Mark Master Mason, and Royal Arch Mason

39 – Samuel R.A. Hogg Council – Melbourne

Meeting: 5th Thurs at 7 pm (nearest Mar. Jun. Oct. except Dec.)
Rehearsal: Day of meeting.

55 – Achmeta Council – Brisbane, Queensland

Meeting: 5th Mon (except Dec)

85 – Nebuchadnezzar Council – Launceston, Tas.

Meeting: 3rd Sun. in Mar & 4th Sun. in Oct.

90 – Esdras Council – Williamstown

Meeting: 3rd Wed at 7 pm (May & Aug.) Installation: 2nd Sat. Dec. at 11 am. Rehearsal: day of meeting.

93 – Duke Of Leinster Council – Adelaide, S.A.

Meeting: 3rd Sat in Mar. & Sept.

94 – Ecbatana Council – Ringwood

Meeting: 5th Mon. (except Dec.) at 6.30 pm.
Installation: 5th Mon. in month nearest to March
Rehearsal: day of meeting.


Scribe: Contact the Provincial Grand Scribe.